Mary Foran is: Mary Dreams the Edge offering her therapeutic practices as “Functional Yoga” out of her studio in Strathroy, Ontario in homes, studios and businesses throughtout Southern Ontario.

Through Massage, Yoga and Customized Conscious Journeys she inspires individuals and communities with functional practices that cultivate mental, physical, and energetic resources that generate awareness, flow and focus to navigate and soar through the everyday challenges in life.  

Hi – my name is Mary, and I am incredibly honoured to be doing what I love – full time – for the past eighteen years! Over this time I have offered thousands of private bodywork treatments & group events that blend Restorative Yoga, Massage & Transpersonal practices. I am blessed to ahve been able to support many individuals on their managain of chronic stress, anxiety and pain. as well, I have been instrumental in helping many others re-claim energy and resilience for their paths of personal growth and self- care.

With my training as a Medical Exercise Specialist & Transpersonal Therapy Studies I offer a balanced ‘Eastern Mind-Western Body’ approach towards health & wholeness. ALl my sessions offer heart-centered conscious body/mind practices that support my deepest intention of cultivating deep ecology of Equanimity



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“We are human beings. Mary gets that! We are spirit and we have bodies and minds that need care. Through stretching, movement, poses and counter-stretches Mary takes us on a guided meditation. It does not matter our range of motion, we move in concert to her expert and caring direction. Earthly fears and concerns are set aside for the moment; we focus on a loving intention; all is well and we welcome the rest of our day.”
David Nelson
Proctor and Gamble Yoga Group