Somatic Integration With Mary

Mary’s massage treatments allow you to reflect & make sense of all the various experiences flowing through your life. She holds the space for you to integrate these vital energies, your Soma (Body Consciousness) supporting you thowards a more fully embodies life. Her Restorative Yoga Thai Massage (RYT) treatments blend Thai massage, Restorative Yoga and various energy practices that will clear your mind, relax your body and connect with your core resilient Self-Energy.

Mary draws from 18 years of experiences in teaching & supporting body-mind exploration & integration. She approaches healing froma Transpersonal perspective and customizes massage treatments to support specialized needs and intentions. 

1 hour

1 Hour RTY Massage
Shift Energy Quickly
Perfect support for headaches, sinus congestion, Neck and Jaw Tension, and much more

-1.5 Hour Total Time-

1.5 hour

1.5 Hour RTY Massage
Release tension in every part of your body from head to toe leaving you feeling clear and replenished.

-2 Hour Total Time-

2 hour

2 Hour RTY Massage
In-depth clearing & nourishing to every part of your being with time to address areas of difficulty & requests.

-2.5 Hour Total Time-

by DTE

1.5 Hour RTY Massage
Conscious imbibing of
Cannabis &
Tea & Integration

-3 Hour Total Time-

Body Bliss
by DTE

1 Hour RTY Massage
Topical Cannabis Balms
Massage of Head, Hands
and Feet
Tea and IntegrationTime

-2 Hour Total Time-

Tea & Integration Time - $20

Add-on 15 minutes tp the end of your treatment - enjoy a cup of our artisanal herbal tea and backyard honey.
Paper and markers are supplied for drawing, journaling or simply sip you tea and quietly reflect on your treatment& the next steps of your day.

Massage Treatment Studio Space

Mary's large treatment space (16'X32') offers a perfect space to receive your massage treatment. With 13' ceilings this room offers plenty of ventilation and room to breathe, relax and let go . . .


    • What is a Restorative Thai Massage Treatment?

Thai Yoga Massage’s main intention is to cultivate metta (loving-kindness) through a 1-5-2 hour fully clothed, head to toe massage. the receiver is encouraged to deeply relax as they are guided into a dynamic flow of yoga postures that open and position the body to receive: massage, passive stretching and movements that release tension. 

Resorative Thai Yoga Massage uses Restoratvie yoga props to fully support your body so you can completley let go as you recieve treatment. These comfortable propped postures offer safe ways to release deeply and address individual needs in : pain management, health, mobility, relaxation, awareness and self-development. 

    • What can I expect during a massage treatment

Your Restorative Thai Yoga Massage is a fully clothed treatment offered in Mary’s comfortable, private & fully equiped treatment room that immerses you in wonderful energy, music and optional aromatherapy & live soundbathing. Each treatment starts with a check-in & setting of intention to cover any needs or requests. The massage is offered on thickly padded (and heated) floor mat where you will be guided througha selected sequence of propped restorative yoga postures that help you breath, relax and deeply let go as you receive massage and body work to release blocked energy. Breathing guidance, meditations, journeying, music selection or essential silence may be used to deepen your treatment. Requests are welcome! Consider adding: Tea and Integration Time – for time to reflect, process and ground the experience of you treatment rerun to the world in a more gradual way. 

    • What do I need to know when coming to a Massage treatment?
  • Arrival – The front door will be open 5 minutes before your treatmentappointment time, walk in and have a seat in the front entry. 
  • Parking – in the driveway beside the basketball net – or onthe street side. If you park in the driveway, consider backing in to make for an easier exit. 
  • Plan Extra Time – getting the most our of your sessions means not having ot leave in a rush! try to keep a window of time after your treatment session will little or no obligations to allow time to integrate your experience and slowly