Mary Dreams the Edge combines the powerful practices of Massage & Yoga with the conscious use of cannabis to support experiences of expanded states of awareness.  These experiences open opportunities in self-awareness typically un-available in ordinary states of awareness and offer a greater sense of wholeness. cognitive clarity & empowerment. 

Her bodywork treatments below have protocols to ensure safety & effectiveness.  These sessions allow plenty of time to get grounded before departing and may require prior non-cannabis Restorative Thai Yoga massage experience & ride home after the session. 

Mary also offers onsite & offsite public group offerings creating powerful and meaningful group experiences.  Contact her for private customized offering or see her Events page for public offerings.


1.5 hour Restorative Thai Yoga Massage
Intentional Cannabis Ceremony
Tea & Integration Time
(Markers & Paper Supplied)
-3 Hours Total Time-

Body Bliss

1 hr. Restoative Thai Yoga Massage
Topical Cannabis Balms
Massage of Head, Hands and Feet
Tea and Integration Time
-2 hours Total Time


$110 / hour
Group Restorative Yoga
Intentional Cannabis Ceremony
Customizable Themes
In-Studio & Onsite

Gallery of Past Offerings