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 Enjoy a 1-2hr practice, customized to your needs either in your home, office or my equipped & comfortable home studio. 

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Mary - Bharadvajasana








Looking to develop or maintain a regular practice?  We can develop a practice that truly fits what you want and need.  Blending Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga with movement therapies we can create a practice that focuses on the proper blend of challenge & release for your mind & body.  Mary offers clear alignment-based instruction with hands-on assistance to help you discover and strengthen your optimal energetic alignment. 

Suitable for one on one, with a Partner or in a group.


















Mary - Ardha Chandrasansa foot hold








Looking to heal from an injury, improve posture issues or attain athletic goals?  Mary’s experience eye and knowledge of postures and anatomy can help you get the most out of your practice and will teach you how to develop the best alignment to improve focus, strength and body awareness.  This practice can compliment or augment your current regime of positive self care practices.  Includes a printed outline of personally designed practice

Suitable for one on one, with a Partner or in a group
























Mary - Temple Massage.jpg


Restorative and

Thai Massage







Blending the deep meditative support of Restorative Yoga with massage and assisted stretching through entire session. 

Suitable for one on one, with a Partner or in a group






















Mary - Assisted Hamstring


Topic Specific /

Group Workshop




Mary has taught yoga full time for over 14 years, offers workshops specializing in Restorative Yoga and has taught on Faculties of Yoga Teacher Training for the past 5 years.  Expand your teaching and personal practice through a workshop style introductory, intermediate or specialized yoga.  Sample Topics: Alignment & Health benefits of Yoga Postures, Healing through Chakras, Upper body & Lower body Therapeutics, Yoga Teacher Training & Mentoring.

Suitable for one on one, with a Partner or in a group




















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