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Mary - Temple Massage.jpgBody Work with Mary...  is a practice of self-care for your wellbeing on all levels.  She weaves the ultra-supportive propping of restorative yoga with deeply-releasing methods of Thai Massage to clear and integrate your whole-being.  Mary’s years of experience in body-mind practices offer safe and effective support for specific injuries or traumas of the body and mind.  She specializes in managing stress, chronic pain, and the challenges that arise in self-development.   Treatments are offered in the comfort of her cozy & fully-equipped healing room, offering you a sanctuary of peaceful environment, sound, aromatherapy and other supportive practices to address your requests.  Once you have tried one session you will come to know for yourself how deeply supportive this experience is in your self-care regime. 




Mary Foran is Multi-Skilled and Certified in Yoga Thai Massage and teaching Yoga.  She customizes effective blends of Yoga Thai Massage with Reiki, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Skillful Conscious Practices that help you to clear and focus your mind & body as you receive your massage.  Drawing from 15years experience in body-mind practices, Mary is able to modify and support these sessions to meet your specific needs.  For more information on Mary’s specialized Restorative Thai Yoga Massage, see below.


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Quick Release





A 30 minute session that moves you through 2-3 spine releasing postures while receiving a Head, Hand and Foot massage.  Could focus on Headache, Neck or Sinus Clearing.



















Specific Body Clearing




A 60 minute that effectively stretches and compresses the specific areas of concern to improve range of motion and increase energy. 


















Whole Body Clearing





A 90 minute rhythmical and relaxing massage expertly crafted to release tension and blocked energy from head to toe. 



















Whole Body Clearing - Extended




A 120 minute rhythmical and relaxing  massage to release tension and blocked energy from head to toe with extra time to devote areas that require extra attention.


















Whole Being Mini Retreat




A 3hr session that included: 1) Detailed check-in and conscious exploration to set intention for session 2) 2hr massage to relax, release and journey with intention 3) Supported processing time to explore insights and practices to deepen awareness 4) Tea and time will be given to meditate, reflect, journal, draw and ground on your own in a comfortable quiet seating area.










Restorative Yoga Thai Massage @ Home

Or Group Event up to 15people

$70 and up




Self-care support right at home or at your special gathering!  Mary will bring the all the necessary props to offer you a 1-2.5hr session!  Email/Call for more details. 







Thai Yoga Massage & Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be e-sent Paperless or Printed on a card –with this description:



You have been gifted a Restorative Thai Yoga Massage session with Mary Foran to nurture your Entire Being!  This session is offered in the Heart of Strathroy at Mary’s home-studio where you will be welcomed & skillfully supported in taking this time to care for body and mind.  The healing treatment room is a private and fully equipped space to immerse you in soundscapes & aromatherapy to help you relax deeply as you receive your massage.


Thai Yoga Massage focuses on cultivating Metta (loving kindness) through a 1.5-2hr head to toe massage.  The receiver is fully clothed and is guided to relax the body and mind while receiving massage that either calms or stimulates the body’s energy lines during modified yoga: postures, stretches and movements. 


Mary has uniquely developed “Restorative Thai Yoga Massage” by blending her deep knowledge of Restorative Yoga and Conscious Body-Mind Practices with Thai Yoga Massage to address specific needs in Relaxation, Reflection and Recharging.  At times you will be skillfully propped in restorative yoga postures while being massaged, and other times, you will be smoothly & passively moved through therapeutic motions that help you release tension and allow your energy to flow more freely.  Depending on what is needed, Mary will also offer breathing guidance, reflective practices or silence to deepen the experience.  Email/Call Mary to book your gifted session: 647-449-9642 / info@functionalyoga.ca








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