Mary Foran offers the therapeutic practices of Restorative Yoga and Yoga Thai Massage as “Functional Yoga” in Strathroy and the London, Ontario Area.  To support your study and application of skillful practices to heal injuries, release chronic tension and reconnect with your boundless energy.  These practices teach mental, 0034_6A7A7625.jpgphysical and energetic awareness that develop skills to focus energy to help you become more conscious & energy efficient.


No matter what age, size and ability everyone can benefit from practicing Restorative Yoga and receiving support through body work like Yoga Thai Massage!  Functional Yoga offers experienced support and skills tailored to you!  Whether your specific goals are more active/athletic or gentle/restorative you will find the benefits and functionality of weaving yoga into your life. For more information on: Restorative Yoga.



As we learn and grow, we do so for All our Relations. 

The way to create your future is not holding onto the past but engaging in this present moment by grounding in the body, clarifying the mind and cultivating more conscious awareness and choice in all our actions.  By making these choices we not only evolve our personal lives but all those around us, even healing those who have come before us and will come after us!


Functional Yoga purpose is to help heal & evolve consciousness to create the world we all want to be in!










Mary Foran

RYT, MES, Yoga Thai Massage


Mary is a committed 18 year yoga practitioner.  Full of heart, her passion is to uncover & cultivate the unlimited consciousness in herself and others. Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher (RYT), Certified in Thai Yoga Massage and a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) Mary instructs safe alignment-focused classes and bodywork using the disciplines of Iyengar, Anusara, Kripalu Yoga along with therapeutic movement practices to create classes that heal, strengthen and inspire. Mary is also a Reiki Level 1 practitioner and has completed three years of Transpersonal Therapy, and is trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Non-Violent Communications, Meditation, Shamanic Energy Work and has completed several trainings with Woman Within to support her endeavours to cultivate conscious community.


Experienced, sensitive and compassionate, Mary’s energy is weaved into a mindfulness-style of teaching and care that offers students and recipients ways to develop healthy and fulfilling self-care practices blending Yoga, Transpersonal Therapy, and Buddhist practices to develop the mind and body. Specializing in Restorative Yoga, Mary offers this deeply healing practice to balance the demands of our busy lives. Mary has been a full-time yoga teacher for 14 years in studios, private classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training programs teaching well over 9,000 yoga classes to date. Well-versed in anatomy and movement therapies you can expect to learn proper physical alignment and gain greater self-awareness while healing, expanding and excelling your body and mind.  Mary also teaches to corporate clients and Not-for-Profit Organizations.


Mary has recently moved to Strathroy, Ontario and is looking forward to supporting the growth of happy, healthy and sustainable ways of living with this beautiful community. 




"I travel extensively with a very demanding schedule and always looked forward to my yoga practice with Mary as a great stress reducer.  Through her expert guidance in yoga postures, meditation and breathing practices my flexibility has improved and I am able unblock vital energy, allowing me to regroup and direct my efforts more consciously and efficiently."

Monika Merz, President Toys R Us, Japan


“We are human beings.  Mary gets that!  We are spirit and we have bodies and minds that need care.  Thru stretching, movement, poses and counter-stretches Mary takes us on a guided meditation.  It does not matter our range of motion, we move in concert to her expert and caring direction.  Earthly fears and concerns are set aside for the moment; we focus on a loving intention; all is well and we welcome the rest of our day.”

David Nelson, P&G Sneakers Yoga Group, Canada


“My restorative yoga sessions with Mary are a great help to managing my work-related stress as well as relieving my physical aches and pains.  As a busy lawyer, my days can be stressful, taking a toll on me both physically as well as mentally.  My yoga sessions give me a sense of inner calm and focus, allowing me to focus on my breath and my body as the stress melts away.  I also have advanced osteoarthritis in both knees, which causes all sorts of issues in my legs and back.  Restorative yoga is kind to my knees while keeping my back and leg muscles stretched and relaxed.  As I breath into each pose, I can almost feel the oxygen finding its way into those spots where tension concentrates.  I sleep well, and feel great!”

Karen Louie, VP General Counsel & Secretary Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., Canada
























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